Hitec Servo Motors

Hitec Servo Motors

Analog & Digital Servos  

We are the authorized distributor of HitecRCD, Stocks various product for quick delivery, provide special pricing and support in India.

Whether you fly, drive, sail, or build robots, we have a servo for just about any application you can imagine!

Hitec offer five different types of servo gear train material's Nylon, Karbonite, Metal, Steel and Titanium.

Choosing the right Hitec servo motor among 85+ different models for your next project can be a challenge. 

In Sport servos 3-pole iron core armature motors are used and coreless motors are used in premium, high performance servos.

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Hitec HS-7975HB High Torque Karbonite Coreless Servo
Providing the ultimate combination of torque and speed, the HS-7975HB servo features the Karbonit..
Hitec HS-7980TH Mega Torque HV Coreless Titanium Gear Servo
Hitec's strongest servo period, the "Monster Torque" HS-7980TH is designed to o..
Hitec HS-7985MG High Torque Metal Gear Coreless Servo
The new HS-7985MG High Torque Digital Servo has the added benefit of our new G2 second gener..
Hitec HS-805BB Mega Torque Quarter Scale Specialty Giant Servo
Known as the “monster” servo, the Hitec HS-805BB uses a heavy duty nylon gear train and a strong 10m..
Hitec HS-805MG Mega Giant Scale Metal Gear Servo
The HS-805MG heavy duty supersized servo was designed to handle the punishment dished out by the lat..
Hitec HS-81 Standard Mini Servo
HS-81 is a popular Hitec servo for power planes, heli’s, sail or boats, cars and trucks. Th..
Hitec HS-82MG Metal Gear Micro Servo
Based on the ultra popular HS-81MG the HS-82MG gets a new stronger motor and updated electronics f..
Hitec HS-8380TH High Torque Ultra Response Servo
Take command of the track with our torque master servo, the HS-8380TH. Built rugged and tough..
Hitec HS-85MG Premium Metal Gear Micro Servo
The HS-85MG features a high power motor for greater speed and torque. The HS-85MG is the choice o..
HITEC HSG-5084MG Micro Heli Tail Rotor Servo
The “extreme speed” HSG-5084MG Hitec Digital Micro Tail Rotor servo utilizes a st..
Hitec HSR-2645CR 12kg-cm Continuous Rotation Digital Robot Servo
It is non-proportional, continuous rotation servo delivers the commanding force you require, with in..
Hitec HSR-5498SG HMI Premium Robot Servo
A great choice to use in your next custom robot project. The HSR-5498SG servo uses super str..
HITEC HSR-5990TG HMI Ultra Premium Robot Servo
Programmable Digital Amplifier with Mosft Drive Durable Titanium Alloy Gears with Dual Ball Be..
Hitec Standard Servo Shaft Coupler
These couplers allow you to connect a 6.25mm shaft directly to C1 Hitec Standard servo spline. The s..
Micro Maestro 6-channel USB Servo Controller
The Micro Maestro is the first of Pololu’s second-generation USB servo controllers. Th..

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